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Finding a trustworthy plumbing expert can be tough—it’s a jungle out there! To truly know if a plumbing company is right for your home, just take a look at what their past customers are saying. At Safari Plumbing, we pride ourselves on having consistently positive reviews and high ratings across multiple online platforms. We’ve been building strong relationships with Ottawa homeowners since 2006. Whether you read our customer testimonials here or you search for us online, we are confident we’ll make a good impression on you. Our expert plumbing team is also looking forward to providing you with the professional, high-quality services we are known for. Call us now at (613) 324-1636 to experience service that’s above the rest! Safari Plumbing offers after-hours and weekend services.

Very professional, very upfront about pricing, recommendation re cost to repair vs cost to replace appreciated.

Margaret Linton Avatar Margaret Linton
July 19, 2022

Excellent next day service to replace outdoor faucet. Very professional. Offered two choices for replacement and explained ramifications of both.

Karen Tanner Avatar Karen Tanner
June 13, 2022

Jovian provided a detailed assessment of the issue, several options and recommendations to remedy it. Another great job. Would recommend this company to anyone. Happy returning customer.

Jeff Bandzierz Avatar Jeff Bandzierz
June 29, 2022

When your main floor toilet doesn't flush, and you expect guests over the same day in the evening, you need urgent help. After calling a few plumbers where I was either put on hold (while of course, being assured how important my call was), or made to listen to quiet piano music that reminded me more of ballet classes I was forced to take early on in life than of the service I badly needed. To the rescue came Justine who promised that a plumber would stop by between 2 and 5 that afternoon, just about making it before guests would arrive. Enter Sean. Sean was respectful, professional and polite, and even shared a very important trick with me to hopefully avoid a similar mishap in the future. All in all, a very positive experience. Therefore, I warmly recommend Safari Plumbing.

Elisabeth Schvan Avatar Elisabeth Schvan
December 13, 2021

Excellent business! Great response time. They are courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They did a detailed examination of the problem and provided a surprisingly affordable quote before they started repairs. They came prepared with everything they needed to fix the problem. Highly recommend this local business!

Jacqueline James Avatar Jacqueline James
June 22, 2022

Super friendly. Explained what was going to happen. Upfront with their prices. They didn't mind being bugged by one of my cats. Very professional. I would call them again for any of my plumbing needs. I have called and emailed other places and they were the first one to actually get back to me and keep their appointment. I saw one of their trucks driving down the road and emailed them. A few days later they were here to do the work.

Lesslee Avatar Lesslee
December 13, 2021

I've been using David and his plumbers for well over 20 years, awesome service!

Rick Deterding Avatar Rick Deterding
July 19, 2022

Had them come to install pipes for new dishwasher + install the dishwasher. Clear breakdown of price prior to work, no surprises and did a great job. Very good about COVID safety as well. Would recommend.

L Avatar L
February 13, 2022