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Do you suspect tree root invasion in your sewer line? If you have recently experienced a sewage backup, gurgling toilets, or slow drains, tree roots could be the culprit. Getting professional help right when you notice an issue can prevent major sewer problems in the future. Safari Plumbing proudly serves Ottawa with fast, accurate drain and sewer line tree root detection and repair.

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Is your sewer backing up? Invasive tree roots may be the problem. Call Safari Plumbing for immediate detection and root removal at (613) 324-1636.

Problems of Having Tree Roots in a Sewer Line

Having a tree root growing into a sewer line means that your sewer line likely had a problem to begin with, such as a pinhole leak. Trees grow this way to seek out moisture and nutrients and won’t grow toward pipes that aren’t easy to access. Our Ottawa root removal team, have provided you with a few signs that you should notice if you think your sewer line has been infiltrated by treet roots.

Signs You Need Tree Root Removal:

  • Slow draining water –
    If you notice that your drains are not draining quite as fast as the use to, it’s possible that roots have infiltrated your main drainage line and have interlinked. This won’t allow the water to pass through as quickly as it once did.
  • Low water pressure –
    Similar to the above sign, when you are experiencing low water pressure, this could be due to tree roots breaking into your home’s plumbing system which would allow for a leak. When your main water line has a leak, you will experience low water pressure.

If you’re experiencing toilet and sink clogs, or notice any other issues with your water supply and don’t know why, a tree root could be the problem.

Our Root Removal Process

When you call for root removal on your property, we will first start with a professional camera inspection to determine whether tree roots are the problem. Once we confirm this, we will recommend the best course of action for root removal from your drain and sewer pipes.

We often use a combination of the following techniques to effectively eliminate invasive roots from your drain and sewer lines:

  • RootX®: This foaming root control solution kills roots without damaging your pipes. It uses a proven herbicide and agents which effectively penetrate and destroy the root. Other root control products contain unsafe chemicals like copper sulphate and diquat dibromide, but RootX® is completely safe for your pipes.
  • Snake or mechanical auger: We often use a drain snake which contains a powered auger with a spiralling head that rotates through the pipe to cut through invading roots. This is a great temporary solution, but we typically supplement with RootX® to eliminate the roots for good, making sure they are less likely to grow back.

Other methods we use in certain cases include hydro-jetting and digging up the invasive tree roots. We will always recommend the best course of action that will treat the problem effectively in the most cost-efficient way.

Concerned about tree roots invading your pipes? Contact our Ottawa plumbers today at (613) 324-1636 to get accurate diagnoses and the right solutions.


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"Excellent business! Great response time. They are courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They did a detailed examination of the problem and provided a surprisingly affordable quote before they started repairs. They came prepared with everything they needed to fix the problem. Highly recommend this local business!"

Jacqueline James
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"Very professional service. Sean was courteous and personable. I would recommend Safari to anyone that asks."

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"Fairly quick, made reasonable adjustments on the price and offered several alternative options to adjust costs. Once the work was decided on, immediately began working. Time was within the estimate given and overall, I'm very pleased with the work!"

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